International Stu Day

He's the vividly smiling guy that crashes and burns trying to articulate words like 'yes'. He's your indielicious toxic buddy in the night and your cluster headache neighbour in the morning. He's the kinda guy who chats up Keira Knightley and when prompted to tell his mates about it, sums it up with a sloppy "she's... schkinny!".

He is Stu and he deserves a day of his own. That's why August 25th from now on should be known as the Int'l Stu Day.

Me and Shan, co-founder of Int'l Stu Day, recently made a half-hearted effort to mimic the manners of Stu. We got drunk and invited a Keira Knightley stand-in to our party, but still we didn't even get close. Ten days from today, we'll give it another go as we celebrate the downright drunken brilliance of Stu.

Join us in our tribute. Drink yourself into the state that best can be described as "drunk as Stu" (or, as we say in Sweden, "Stu-full"). Whistle, smirk and fall asleep. Stu! Stu!! STU!!! Yesch?

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