Attack mot Moskva Pride

Hittills knapphändiga uppgifter, men uppenbart är att det fortfarande är långt kvar innan hbt-personer kan känna sig accepterade, eller ens säkra, i Europa.

Vladimir Luxuria, MP from Italy:
"[People] throw eggs on me [...] I am worried I can have problems to leave. Then we tried to approach the city hall but we've been violently prevented. I saw some old woman with bags of stones and eggs. We are now in a safe place with tATu and Sophie. Marco Capato has been detained as well."

Sophie In't Veld, MEP from Netherlands:
"The real violence started after we left. Police immediately arrested Nikolai (Alekseev), and also Nikolai Khramov [...] We felt eggs and other things being thrown. Police did nothing to arrest hooligans. I was walking not far from Mitrofanov and saw a guy with a knife. And then when I saw that I thought: That's it I am out of here. The rest I heard is that Marco (Cappato, the other MEP) has been arrested. We're in some restaurant with Vladimir, tATu and Mitrofanov. From what I heard there was a real fight after we left but I don't know. I really don't know. The police arrested our people but not any of the hooligans."

Enligt uppgifter från organisatörerna har de flesta av Pride-kommitténs medlemmar arresterats. Homofober i alla länder, skämmes tamefan!

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